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What Does an IT Consultant Do?

In order to accomplish business objectives or solve problems, clients hire technology consultants. There are several types of tasks that can be undertaken, ranging from strategic (such as developing a new IT strategy or a cybersecurity strategy) to tactical (such as selecting an ERP system or implementing one) to highly operational (such as developing a mobile application).

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Using our unique technology consulting approach, you can cost-effectively retain engineers, developers, project managers, and technicians who are technically proficient and of the highest quality. Allow us to create an IT roadmap that will allow your organization to achieve its goals.

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Midland IT’s IT Consulting Services are customized to meet your exact requirements. Just seeking a second opinion? With the help of our certified and trained IT consultants, we can review your vendor proposals and provide you with objective information, saving you thousands of dollars and countless hours of trouble.

As a complete solution provider, we can help you as well. Our services include needs analysis, infrastructure reviews, solution design, procurement, and installation, as much or as little as you desire.

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Professional IT Consulting Services are in demand from Midland small business owners. West Texas Small Businesses can take advantage of all the benefits of an established IT firm at a price that’s competitive with Midland IT.

When you work with Midland IT, you’ll be running your own IT department without having to pay an expensive payroll. With our Expert Technicians, you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about IT troubles.

Using our detailed, no-obligation review of your business system, we will help you make the best decisions for your company. We’re ready to share our resources with you, from software and hardware installation to analysis of your business needs.

You should not have to worry about your business being ready for tomorrow, as the business owner. Contact Midland IT today so we can discuss your expert IT consulting options.

IT Consulting Services

There are eight main disciplines within the market for IT consulting services: IT Strategy, IT Architecture, IT Implementation, ERP services, Systems Integration, Data Analytics, IT Security, and Software Management.

The first phase of any IT project usually involves strategic IT propositions and advisory services. Depending on the complexity, engagements can last between six weeks and six months, with an average of two to three months. Examples of projects include defining a corporate IT strategy, setting up a business case for an ERP system or designing a cybersecurity vision – engagements that set the stage for further IT work. It defines the technological blueprint for enabling business processes by analyzing IT processes and systems. Typically, projects last from six to twelve months, and architecture services come before IT implementation or system integration. Consulting services include defining enterprise architectures, implementing service-oriented architectures (SOAs), and helping clients outsource architecture processes.

Services related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) involve designing, implementing and/or maintaining ERP systems and modules for clients. Offerings include ERP package selections, business process redesigns based on ERP templates, and implementations of, for example, SAP and Oracle products. As a part of the systems integration domain, different computing systems and software applications are integrated so that they behave as a coordinated whole. Many times, it involves ensuring that ERP systems/modules can interact with other, more tailored applications that run on the network. Risk, security, and compliance in the IT landscape fall under the IT security line of business, whereas IT implementation is responsible for the design and implementation of technology-driven projects.

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